Hello world!

Today I listened to an interview by Darren Hardy from Success magazine with the amazing Seth Godin. Seth Godin is the author of fourteen international bestsellers that have been translated into over 35 languages, and have changed the way people think about marketing and work. His Unleashing the Ideavirus was the most popular ebook ever published, and Purple Cow is the bestselling marketing book of the decade. During the interview, Seth indicated that a person should begin blogging and post on a blog every day! So here we go!

Every day I think about things I might share with other people–especially women. Seth Godin talked in his interview today about sneezers–people who share ideas like people share viruses. I consider myself to be a sneezer. I love to share ideas! I love good tools that allow me to do things faster, easier and better! During this journey I’ll share some of my experiences with you.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out Success magazine, I highly recommend it. Every month there’s a CD included in the magazine and I’ve learned so much about well known celebrities and their lives through these interveiws. I love to learn from the best people that at the top of their game. I seek out good books to read and outstanding podcasts to listen to. This is an amazing time in which we live and can share information. I can’t wait to take this journey together!

PS If you’d like to check in every day on this blog, make it your home page and get a new idea every day or create an RSS feed by doing the following:

How to use RSS feeds in Internet Explorer 9


Feeds, also known as RSS feeds, are content listings published by a website. They’re used for news and blog websites, but are also used for distributing other types of digital content, including pictures, audio, or video.

Subscribing to feeds

When you subscribe to a feed, new content is automatically downloaded from the website, so the feed is always up to date. There are many ways to subscribe to feeds. Here are a few:

  • Subscribe to feeds directly from Internet Explorer. This is what’s described below.
  • Use RSS reader software.
  • Click a link on personal webpages.

To subscribe to a feed using Internet Explorer

  1. Click to open Internet Explorer.
    • If the Command bar isn’t visible, right-click the Favorites button Picture of the Favorites button, and then select Command bar.
  2. Go to the website that offers a feed.
  3. Click the Feeds button Picture of the Feeds button to view feeds on the webpage.


    • If a Web Slice is available for the webpage, the Web Slice button Picture of the Web Slice button will appear instead of the Feeds button. Click the arrow next to the button to view available feeds.

      For more information on Web Slices, see Using Web Slices in Internet Explorer 9.

  4. Click a feed (if more than one is available). If only one feed is available, you will go directly to that page.
  5. Click Subscribe to this feed.
  6. Type a name for the feed and select the folder to create the feed in.
  7. Click Subscribe.
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One comment on “Hello world!
  1. Frances Sorba says:

    Your newsletter is very interestling and very helpful.

    Thank you for sending it to me.

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