Splashes of Holiday Color

Do you ever wish you had just a little something to add to your holiday decorations?  These are fairly easy to make.  I’ve made some for holidays and some for birthday celebrations using birthday fabric.  They are fun to show off cupcakes, a cake on a stand or as a placemat for someone’s birthday. You can make them to match your curtains or just because.  You can make them using any size squares.  With small squares you can make coasters.  They even make fun placemats.  Thank you to my friend Bonnie for sharing this pattern with me!  I used 10″ squares but you can make them bigger using 14″ squares.  Here are the instructions:

1.  Cut out eight, 10″ squares of fabric (on the straight of the fabric, NOT THE BIAS).  Press each square on the diagonal.  Open out each square.

2.  Using the pressed marks, layer the squares one on top of the other in a star formation (right side up).  Pin each square to hold in place.


3.  Lay out your backing piece of fabric (right side up).  Carefully flip the “star” over onto the backing piece now having right sides together.  Pin the “star” to the backing piece of fabric.  Cut the backing piece using your “star” as a pattern.


4.  Stitch all the way around the outside of the “star” leaving the inside pinned.  Do not stitch the insides together!

5.  Clip corners making certain not to cut through your stitching.  Trim points:


6.  Unpin all your pins and turn the “star” right side out.


It should look like this…

7.  Push all points of the “star” out and press them making certain that you re-align your squares overlapping once again.  Pin to hold all squares in place.


With everything pinned very well, your centerpiece should look like this…

8.  Working on the front and starting at the center of your centerpiece, select one of the squares on which to begin your stitching.  Stitch toward the outside of the centerpiece, using an embroydery stitch or zigzag stitch.  This stitching finishes off unfinished edges of the squares and holds the squares in place.  Stitch out toward the point of your centerpiece and across the corner of the next square.  The back should look like this…

9.  Working on the front, go to the opposite point of where you just stitched and again starting at the center on the front of the centerpiece, stitch out toward the outside of your centerspiece.  The back of your project should look like this…

10. Working on the front, start at the center at a cross point from where you just completed your stitching.  Your next stitching should look like this on the back…

11.  Continue stitching, working not around your centerpiece in a circle but across from where you last stitched.  This keeps your fabric from being uneven on your last point.  Your fourth stitching line should look like this…

12.  Your fifth stitching line should look like this on the back…

13.  Your sixth stitching line should look like this on the back…

14.  Your seventh stitching line should look like this on the back…


15.  Your eighth stitching line should look like this on the back…

16.  Press thoroughly.

I store my centerpieces on a skirt hanger in the closet.

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