Cooking Chicken in a Rice Cooker?

Every time I use this method for cooking chicken, I think I need to share it.  So here you go…

I have the kind of rice cooker that has a pan within the cooker.  Normally you put your rice and water in the removable pan and a cup of water in the cooker.  However, if you put a whole chicken or several pieces of chicken parts in the removable pan (don’t add any water) and put 1 cup of water in the cooker itself, the chicken will steam in about 20 minutes.  The beauty of the process is that you don’t have to watch it cooking on top of the stove and all the juices that flow from the chicken are pure broth!

Do you go camping?  Steam your chicken pieces before you go and put them in a Ziploc bag.  Keep them cold in your ice chest until you’re ready to barbeque them.  Coat each piece with barbecue or Teriyaki sauce and cook them over the fire.  Delicious!  They are already cooked so they won’t go bad in the ice chest.

This also works on your back yard barbecue.  It means no more, burnt on the outside, raw on the inside pieces of chicken.

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